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domains for sale
The following domain names are owned by 2Ya and up for sale. If you are interested, please create a support ticket and make an offer.
Please include the domain name.
All offers considered.

0fat.com 0 Fat (zero fat)

4Tones.com 4 Tones (ring tones)

2to1.com 2 to 1 (blackjack pays 2 to 1. Banner Exchange ratio 2:1.)

PowerMLM.com Power MLM (Power Multi Level Marketing)

eVoto.com eVoto (Spanish: evote)

UploadMe.com Upload Me (image/file hosting)

MyCactus.com My Cactus

MyThreads.com My Threads (message/discussion forums, blogs, clothing)

MailBoxed.com Mail Boxed (email service, spam filtering, email marketing)

MoneyPM.com Money PM (money power mangement, money PM (after noon), financial services, make money, after hours cash/stocks)

WebofTrust.com Web of Trust

TeamBattle.com Team Battle

FriendTell.com Friend Tell (Tell a Friend service)

The following domain names are owned by 2Ya users who wish to put their names up for sale. If you are interested, visit the domain to contact them. If they do not have an active domain, please create a support ticket, make an offer, and we will pass you along to the owner.

smartwaywireless.com smart way wireless

mitiendacelular.com mi tienda celular

newsilversolutions.com new silver solutions

7freegifts.com 7 free gifts

slimquicktea.com slim quick tea

vacationsprepaid.com vacations prepaid

go4blufrogenergy.com go 4 blu frog energy

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